1. How can you save me time and money? We save you time by providing you with all available listings in a convenient format so that you know where the properties are and what comes with them. That means you do not have to waste time calling ads out of the paper just to find out that a home is not where you are looking or does not have what you need.

We save you money in several ways. Because we list the landlords for free, we keep down their overhead, which means they can keep their rent and deposit lower. We actively encourage landlords to keep their properties more reasonably priced and keep their deposits low so that you save money. Also, by giving you ALL available properties listed, we give you the opportunity to shop around for a lower rent and deposit. If you save just $50 per month in rent, then our service has saved you $600 in the first year alone.

2. How soon can I find a place? Most properties are available immediately. We have had clients secure a home within 24 hours.

3. How do you get your listings? We have a dedicated research department that searches all available sources for rentals and lists all area landlords at no charge to them, which means we carry listings that never even reach the newspaper.

4. How often do you get new listings? We add new listings 5 days a week – Monday through Friday. Up to 70 per day! And all of these new listings are available to our clients as soon as they are entered into our database.

5. How often should I get updated listings? Every day until you have secured a home. Good deals go fast, so we want you to get new listings as often as possible.

6. Do you show the homes? No. We do not feel that it is necessary to act as a middleman between the landlord and the tenant. The more people between you and the landlord, the more money you will end up paying. Do you really need someone to point out the view when you are standing in front of the window?

7. Why do you have a fee? We have a fee because we provide a service that saves you time and money. We do not charge landlords because that would inevitably lead to higher rent for you. Because we work for you and not the landlord, we can focus on finding the best deals for you.

8. Do I have to pay you for anything else? No. Once you are registered with us, your account is good for up to 180 days and you will not pay us anything more while your account is active, even if you need to move again within those 180 days.

9. I have bad credit. Will this be a problem? Bad credit will mean that some landlords will not rent to you. We do however, have many landlords that do not do credit checks, so we can still help you find a home.

10. Can't I get the same service from a realtor for free? Realtors generally do not concentrate on rental properties. When they do, they charge a commission to the landlord. When a landlord has to pay a commission or a finder's fee, then he must recoup his cost by increasing your rent and charging a higher deposit. The chances are if a realtor offers you a free service, it will cost you about 1 month's rent. The realtor will show you no properties that he or she will not receive a commission for and this will severely limit your selections.

11. I don’t have a credit or debit card – is there any other way I can register? Of course. You can come to one of our offices Please see the home page for address of an office near you. We are open 6 days per week. You can also get a prepaid card from any local store and use it online or call us for direct assistance. If this is not convenient, you can mail a money order to us at:

Rent Source
10501 W 63rd St
Shawnee, KS 66203